How to Choose the Best Fitting Jeans for Your Figure

l-jeans1By far, blue jeans are the most important clothing in today’s wardrobe. Because they are durable and can be worn with just about anything, they are universal.

Why is it that you have one or two favorite pairs that you wear most of the time? It’s probably because you have ran across a style and color that looks best on your shape. Unfortunately, they eventually wear out, you gain or lose a few pounds, or you throw them out for a new trend.

If you would rather go to the dentist then shop for new jeans, you’re not alone. Just the thought of trying on multiple pairs of jeans in the fitting rooms can make the strongest of us cringe in fear.

We’ve got some shopping tips to help you find a pair that will flatter your figure and cut down on the stress involved when you find a pair that looks great on the rack — but not so good on you.

Plan Ahead

Set aside a good chunk of time when you begin your quest for a good pair of jeans. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll probably make some bad decisions and end up returning the jeans to the store.

Choose a Good Fit

Don’t buy jeans because the size on the label looks good. Sizes and cuts vary widely by the brand, so start with your general size-range and don’t be reluctant to choose a size larger than what you usually get. A comfortable pair of jeans that fit well will look the best on you.

The Darker the Color, the Better

If you’re concerned about extra weight, stay away from light-colored or stonewashed jeans. Dark (indigo) blue and black denim jeans with some added Lycra make you look slimmer and will go with just about anything. Choose angled back pockets to help minimize your backside and stay away from jeans that have no pockets at all.

Look for a Long Hem

When you go shopping, wear a pair of shoes with heels that are (at least) similar to what you usually wear with jeans. For thinner-looking legs, the hem of the jeans should cover a good part of your shoes and almost reach the floor. Keep in mind that when jeans shrink, so can the length — so it’s better to go with the longer pair.

Go with the Boot Cut

Stay away from large flare legs that will add bulk. Boot cut jeans have just the right amount of curve at the bottom of the legs to look stylish and make your legs appear longer.

Trends are OK

If you’ve been dying to try a pair of low-rise hipsters, go ahead. Just make sure you’re comfortable wearing them and they don’t aren’t so low that you’ve got too much showing. Wear a pair of bikini panties underneath so you don’t have “granny panties” ruining your fashionable look.

Get a Second Opinion

Take along a friend who is on the same mission. Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to point you in the right direction. If you both like how a pair looks on you, chances are, it’s a good choice.


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